Responses from Motorola:

Irwin Proud has receieved the following responses from Motorola in a discussion with a VP:

  • Motorola is firmly committed to delivering an unlockable/relockable bootloader solution. This will be applicable to all devices that are scheduled to receive updates in the second half of this year.
  • Motorola did confirm that these updates are still subject to Carrier approval
  • The biggest reason for the delay in getting this solution out at the moment is the stringent testing that is executed by the Carriers. So this sounds like a stalling tactic, but Motorola did indicate that the unlocking and re-locking bootloader that was provided for the Xoom was well received and this would be the same method used for the upcoming updates. Motorola is working closely with their partnered carriers to help facilitate and encourage that each device that will receive and update later this year will also get an unlocked bootloader.
  • Motorola seems to have a sincere desire to get their devices unlocked

Additional Motorola Responses:

  • Facebook post saying they don’t yet have any announcements regarding this.
  • Twitter post saying they have no updates.


  • Samsung gives CM7 team free Galaxy S II phones
  • Motorola sales have plummeted since the OG Droid (*Warning: Very Strong Language!*)