To Whom It May Concern,

It has come to my attention that Motorola is modifying their bootloader policy. I hope that you truly side with the independent developers, and open up your Android products to developers. Locking your bootloaders undermines the spirit of open source, and pushes developers to other manufacturers.

Motorola and Android grew, and grew quickly because of the support of the open source community. We are the ones that send you detailed bug reports, we are the ones that submit patches to the Android Open Source Project, we are the ones that built the base you work off of and more importantly we are the ones that buy your products.

By continuing to lock your devices down, you are alienating the very community that supports you most of all. You are preventing us from learning, from improving, and from enjoying Android. What you have done is against the spirit of Android and the vision Google had.

While it is great that you are modifying your bootloader policy, it seems that Motorola is continuing to be fairly cryptic about what this means. More specifically, many of us have purchased Motorola products with expectations that the bootloader would be unlocked and that has not happened. With previous announcements by Motorola on this topic, we expected this to have been resolved and it has not. As such, we expect to know what devices will and will not be rolled into the new bootloader policy. Will the Atrix be unlocked? What about the Droid X? Droid 2? Will only future phones have this new policy applied to them?

I understand that your announcements state that this new policy will only be available as allowed by carriers. Does this mean that your devices that are carrier-unlocked will also have this new policy applied towards them?

Until you allow us greater access to the devices we own, I promise to purchase no more Motorola products.

A Moto Enthusiast