The Bootloader Revolution

Because of the outcry of developers over locked bootloaders, most manufacturers have began to provide ways for their devices to be enhanced by enthusiasts and developers. One of the most popular enhancements that these developers and enthusiasts perform is installing a version of Android called CyanogenMod. (Find out more about the most popular custom Rom, CyanogenMod) There are currently over 40 different devices that support this version of Android, all of which have open bootloaders.

Sony Ericsson provides an unlocked bootloader on devices not tied to carriers (

Samsung has a tool called Odin that is used for flashing custom Roms, although not official from Samsung they are definitely aware of it and have allowed its use for over 12 months. (

HTC has now come out to say that they will be reversing their stance on locking bootloaders immediately and have even mentioned unlocking devices that were previously locked. (

Verizon Wireless has also confirmed that they will allow unlocked HTC devices on their network. This nullifies any claims from Motorola that they will only unlock devices where carriers will allow.!/VZWSupport/status/74160501885644800

We are using the success of the recent HTC campaign to now get Motorola to not only commit to the Bootloader Solution, but to provide information on which devices will be included and encourage them to unlock older devices.

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